A Decision FrameWork

  1. You are the centre — choices offered have implicit centre at other people/orgs and their priorities. I’ll take the choice not on the menu, because that’s what I want.
  2. Pay the price — there is a price to whatever rule you break, and if you are willing to pay the price, there is no rule that holds you.
  3. Think Massive — every thing you work on has dots connecting to a huge huge massive big picture. If you don’t see a massive big picture don’t waste your life doing it.
  4. All In — there is a state of mind operating All-In. Commit to it.
  5. Relentless Consistency- beats all odds.
  6. On Obstacles — everything blocking the way will give in to your will. Exert it.
  7. Suffer No Fools — deal with focussed people only, there is no time.
  8. No one thing — No one opportunity or setback is significant. Don’t get hung up. Come unstuck.
  9. Come Unstuck — people remain stuck for far too long in far too many ideas events people and things that keep loosing their relevance with emerging reality. Identify the eternal and the long term and come unstuck from everything. Move fast.




|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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Kaushal Trivedi

Kaushal Trivedi

|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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