Stone Barn for Cows on AnahataFarm

Slowly the farm is rising. In the blazing heat of Gujarat, started making the barn few days back. My brother just sent some pictures here.

It’s prescience. And then it’s removing every obstacle to the ferocious clarity of your vision: incumbents, regulations, folkways, people. Can you not just see the future but summon it?

This line from NewYoker article I was reading on Marc Andersson and Tech founders/VCs caught my attention.

It best reflected the Version 2.0 I’m feeling of myself since Sept’ 2020. That is , since the initial days of lockdown wore on and every habit of life was disrupted and you start questioning maybe every thing you believed earlier was bullshit. Maybe you were all bullshit.

Since then I rapidly went ahead…

Shailputri, my most recent gir calf, can’t leave me alone

After I became a farmer, and got cows for the love of them and as a part of Bharadwaja Anartiya Gurukulam, I stumbled into making ghee.

A vast cottage industry of ‘A2 Ghee’ marketing has gone online from Insta to every social media.

However the fakery is unimaginable — cramped cattle barns, constantly tied cows, maximising milsching, quick turnaround through aritificial insemination , feeding single type of fodder , every other bad practice associated with industrial farming is also there in ‘dairy entrepreneurship’

But over last 6 months of being…

First Bloom & Seeds of Ashwagandha on Native Farm

Just returned from a week long stay on farm. Three months back I had seeded some Ashwagandha and Moringa. Both have thrived and it’s a great pleasure to see these yellow seeds.

Also Shatavari has come up

It is a great pleasure to see an industrially cultivated farm slowly coming back to life with real and diverse plants. Our cows on Anahata Farm have produced a mini mountain of dung which is soon going into the soil.

Looking at constant flutter of butterflies on these herb plants, I had an idea. I’m going to run a channel of…

NativeOrigin is a data driven food products design company that uses foods, fruits, oils, creamery and fragrances of bioecosystems Native to India or Bharata and creates innovative food, health and wellness products with international design aesthetic and appeal and sells to Indian and global audience using Direct To Consumer approach.

Every product of NativeOrigin has each component that is trackable to it’s source of Origin and each product carries a QR code that leads consumer trackback to every ingredient and it’s source geolocation as well as end provider (usually local grower)

Eventually NativeOrigin intends to provide soiltesting kits connected with…

Experience from visiting Gandhinagar Govt. Nursery — Van Chetana, last year suggests you got to plan picking up all the saplings long before actual rains arrive. And so I have begun planning early this year.

This here is the pond and my land right next to it, both yellow and green patches. And I’m planning now to plant this with trees I research below.

This is a story of why we moved to a new identity NativeOrigin.

For about two years now, our identity was mostly around Bharadwaja Anartiya Gurukulam & Gaushala where we focus on Vaidika education and maintaining cows and our farm was called AnahataFarm.

We grew our own cow feed and generally kept happy cows. The idea of ghee was only to support our Gurukulam. We begin selling our A2 Cow Ghee through

But as I made our first Ashwagandha Ghritam, planted Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Brahmi on our farm to make these herb infused ghritams, as I made the first pits…

Earlier I’ve spoken about our early attempt to design a trading product and the second version of dumping the product and becoming an algo.

As happens with any product , and I’m glad with us its happening not as pivoting but as drawing board iteration , we’re arrived at the third version of the idea.

Design Challenge

To build a high engagement trader community around actionable knowledge.

Technology has penetrated trading but only from speed to execution or analytics angle. However real world trader community is driven by perspectives, knowledge , experiences , mentorship and coaching. But all of this is offline…

A basic conviction I carry is ideas are cheap and you need to build products that express you ideas. And that is not easy.

I’ve been building AriseBharat, first as an idea and then partly a product since the start of Jan’2019. Right now it’s been mothballed. But I’m about to revive it back. So I thought it will be a good idea to revisit what I was thinking.

First Wave

Originally, around 2018 I was involved with Vaidika Bharata in a manuscript scanning project that funded and it was out come out as The Takshashila Project (more on that product later)…

This lockdown has been a great time for introspection on what we’re doing and why.

Back in 2017, after two years of running a product development firm , and running 10 years of business, I was drawing some conclusions on what it meant to be a ceo founder of your own business.

It was clear to me the ceo was the main HR guy , making sure right guys got into the business. …

Kaushal Trivedi

|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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