Force of nature gushing through life

living in the shadows of every breath and every thought that ever crosses our minds.

From distant galaxies to the exact moment of a smallest wish

under your silent gaze

every wish begins a long chain that changes the whole universe.

I know you and I see you but I often lose my mind.

I know how you choose , and how you will who shall die.

You, a great flight of soaring spirit, mountain of magnanimity.

Let me live this one last time & I shall never go too far from your presence.

Living in fetters of my Valkyrie.

“Industrialism cannot understand living things except as machines. It can grant them no value that is not utilitarian. It conceives of farming, forestry and nature as forms of mining. It cannot use the land without abusing it.”

Wendell Berry

This calf, along with its mother, just arrived in our Gaushala 3 days back. It’s 25 day old but looks descicated because the seller — a cattle keeper from hinterland , almost starved it taking away last drop of milk from the cow. Vegans are a much reviled group, but I do understand their strong position on dairy.

Modernity is a…

Deriving First Principle Of Your Existence : Image Courtesy Jack Butcher/Sahil

And maybe it is not.

Maybe I am just forming these thoughts, but.

While writting a note on some over hyped product I had an epiphany. Brands are living entities that get created over thousands of interactions customers experience. As we build the business of NativeOrigin, there will be hundreds and thousands of small decisions made that eventually lead us into the direction intended.

There has to be an over archining principle that governs the why of all those decisions.

Just as in an earlier MakingOfNativeOrigin article I’d stated it stands for Native & Origin , I discovered an uber…

The Brewer Of Ghee At Work

Every month around Poornima, I visit my farm in Gujarat. It’s a 10 hour drive that hardly exhausts me. My journey is usually in silence, noting familiar milestones passing and holding on to a mental thread I have chosen to pursue for the journey.

A short visit means 4 days, usually spent in a yagya, seeing cow’s health, checking on food stock and carrying back the ghee collected over the month.

Ghee, has long been a daily material of intense interest for me. Whether be as daily aajya-ahutis in agnihotra, or spoon ful of them dumped on hot rice or…

Stone Barn for Cows on AnahataFarm

Slowly the farm is rising. In the blazing heat of Gujarat, started making the barn few days back. My brother just sent some pictures here.

It’s prescience. And then it’s removing every obstacle to the ferocious clarity of your vision: incumbents, regulations, folkways, people. Can you not just see the future but summon it?

This line from NewYoker article I was reading on Marc Andersson and Tech founders/VCs caught my attention.

It best reflected the Version 2.0 I’m feeling of myself since Sept’ 2020. That is , since the initial days of lockdown wore on and every habit of life was disrupted and you start questioning maybe every thing you believed earlier was bullshit. Maybe you were all bullshit.

Since then I rapidly went ahead…

Shailputri, my most recent gir calf, can’t leave me alone

After I became a farmer, and got cows for the love of them and as a part of Bharadwaja Anartiya Gurukulam, I stumbled into making ghee.

A vast cottage industry of ‘A2 Ghee’ marketing has gone online from Insta to every social media.

However the fakery is unimaginable — cramped cattle barns, constantly tied cows, maximising milsching, quick turnaround through aritificial insemination , feeding single type of fodder , every other bad practice associated with industrial farming is also there in ‘dairy entrepreneurship’

But over last 6 months of being…

First Bloom & Seeds of Ashwagandha on Native Farm

Just returned from a week long stay on farm. Three months back I had seeded some Ashwagandha and Moringa. Both have thrived and it’s a great pleasure to see these yellow seeds.

Also Shatavari has come up

It is a great pleasure to see an industrially cultivated farm slowly coming back to life with real and diverse plants. Our cows on Anahata Farm have produced a mini mountain of dung which is soon going into the soil.

Looking at constant flutter of butterflies on these herb plants, I had an idea. I’m going to run a channel of…

Kaushal Trivedi

|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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